Who is using GoWi.Fi?

AirBnB Hosts

This product goes hand in glove with Airbnb and other private hotel solutions. Reviews (especially positive ones) are the easiest way to organically optimize your Airbnb ranking.

Great for customer satisfaction and host ratings

Guests rely mostly on the experience of previous users to know more about the hosts and their listings. Since WiFi is the number one necessity for travelers these days our simple GoWiFi is a great product for customer satisfaction.

Ratings are all important in the competitive market. We do not state that you will have higher ratings from your customers, solely based on the fact that you have a GoWi.Fi but you will not have lower ratings for sure. The only real important rating is the overall experience, and the customer interaction with GoWiFi might just sway you a better rating.

Good reviews are the backbone of a best-selling listing, and the frame of trust that comes along with a healthy reservoir of reviews can almost guarantee more bookings and higher search rankings.

Things to keep in mind

The product does not comply with iPhone (who only use their phone with NFC technology for their pay solutions). iPhone has a global market share of about 15% in smartphone sales. iPhone customers just have to connect to your Wi-Fi HotSpot the old fashioned way by entering the password to your network. We are seeing changes regarding this, so in the near future we hope to have a solution where GoWi.Fi can configure iPhone.

When you order a GoWiFi sign, make sure you enter the network name (SSID), and the password correctly and check that it’s correct.

If you change your password, we will have a guide for you to change it yourself or just order a replacement card. No need to send you a new frame.

Buying GoWi.Fi is a great way to impress your guests with Android smartphones. We ship GoWi.Fi worldwide.

Add your listing URL when you order and you will be featured here (it is great to have backlinks to your property for search engine reasons) and we will also twitter your listing on #airbnb with #gowi_fi

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