The easiest way to access WiFi


GoWI.FI is the easiest way to instantly configure Android WIFI settings for your user’s mobile devices.

The user doesn’t have to configure Internet settings or enter any network name (SSID) and password which gives the following advantages:

  • Automatically configure WiFi. Your staff don’t have to hand out passwords to visitors which saves time
  • Users can’t enter the wrong password
  • You can use very long passwords which are safer
  • You don’t have to use WPS which shouldn’t be used anyway
  • Users don't risk getting connected to a fake HotSpot/Access Point.


  • Board size: 74 x 134 x 9 mm
  • Color: white, blue, black, red, yellow, UV-changing (from white to red)
  • Material: PLA plastic, bio degradeble.
  • NFC chip: compatible with Android devices.

Where can GoWi.Fi be used?

GoWi.Fi signs is perfect to use in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and hotels that take their customer satisfaction seriously with offering guests free WiFi. Guests only have to swipe their Android phones on the sign and then the device can access WiFi.

We have kept an eye on an exciting London based Startup called [OpenSignal][2]. They have tapped into the fact that the global use of smartphones is leading to the rise of a wide-spread mobile sensor network. They are calling it “one of the most exciting technological innovations of recent times.”

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If you are renting out your home on AirBnB, etc or have a small business you may want to offer free WiFi access for clients. To do that in a secure way you don’t want to connect them to your own local network (LAN) where you have your computers, NAS backup and IoT devices connected.

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At GoWi.Fi we use NFC in our GoWi.Fi signs and have been bravely waiting for Apple to join everyone else in supporting NFC tags since Google added NFC functionality to Android in late 2010. At WWDC 2017 in June Apple announced that iOS 11 would have support for reading NFC tags and NDEF messages.

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We have been working around the clock to have our e-shop working, get an instruction video ready and build a nicer front page. We hope we have managed to do that, you will be our judge.

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New 3D printed frames

New frames for the gowifi signs are 3d printed. The latest one in yellow and white. Here is one in PLA wood plastic hanged on the wall.

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